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From open day to strategic workshop – from banner to new brand … we can help.


Marketing Audits

One of our most popular services is the Marketing Audit which identify strengths and weaknesses and suggests the ten most effective actions required to achieve your goals. These recommendations take account of your identified goals, your available resource and budget, meaning that every education provider can be guaranteed to benefit from a practical, achievable and value-adding action plan. 

This two-day audit includes a website check against OFSTED guidelines and can normally be undertaken within two weeks of receiving your instruction.

Strategy Planning

An external, expert and experienced viewpoint can prove extremely valuable when developing a marketing and communications strategy. Our team are happy to facilitate workshops with key stakeholders and to undertake interviews and surveys to inform your thinking.

Translating your knowledge into a meaningful strategy that takes account of your goals and competition need not be time-consuming or stressful. We are on hand to ensure expedience and provide the support you require.


Marketing Collateral Design

To create and amend various design concepts in-house, including prospectus, brochures, posters and flyers.

Print buying

We have built up a range of print partners over the years, meaning you can help your company build brand awareness from today. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your specific requirements.


Your online presence is a critical element of your marketing mix. It should support your promotional activity, reduce your administrative burden and enhance and enable communications with all your stakeholders, not to mention supporting your delivery of an excellent education service.

So many websites and digital strategies fall short of these objectives, often because for some reason “the website” is not integrated fully in marketing and communication plans.

With over twenty years experience of developing technologies to support learning and communications, the TrustEd web team can offer off-the-peg and bespoke solutions to ensure you use digital communications which are effective.

From web design, development and integration with third party technologies, to SEO, digital campaigns and social media presence, we can help or advise.

Some clients outsource just particular elements of digital marketing to us. Others benefit from our support in developing an annual plan and review of progress.

We are here to help.


Advertising planning, research and buying services

Our goal is to put you in the driving seat when it comes to advertising. To do that you need to be fully informed about the opportunities and evaluate the ROI on the many and varied propositions that come your way. As a media buying agency we benefit from discounts with all the major publishing companies, broadcasters and outdoor advertising providers and have an overview of what works in what situations. This enables us to save you time, money and effort and to deliver better results on your spend.

Most of our clients choose to work with us to identify their key events in the year and suggest the budget and the targets they wish to meet. We then recommend the plan utilising an appropriate mix of media and channels and can coordinate production of artwork as well as monitoring and reporting on efficacy.

This cost-effective service is a lifesaver for many overstretched marketing teams!

Advertising design and production

Our experienced design team can support you through the production of artwork to meet the specifications of advertising providers, working within an agreed remit to ensure your brand integrity and to maximise results.

We know how to deliver effective and compliant advertising for both students and staff recruitment and we create engaging designs to appeal to your target audience.


Copy Writing

Our copywriting team are all graduates with experience of writing for publication and the media. The subtleties of communicating your organisation’s unique offering, maintaining brand cohesion, recognising the motivations of each sector of your target markets, are never overlooked.
Copy produced by our team is compelling, honest and in tune with your ethos.

From website copy, to prospectus content and collateral specific messages – you can trust us to get the content, tone and impact perfect.


Editorial for promotional purposes, press releases for spreading good news or on some occasions delivering difficult information. Profile raising, managing or changing perceptions all necessitate careful copy writing and comment. Our experienced PR team, with a wide network of media and broadcast contacts are here on hand to support you when required.

We don’t believe in hype or mis-truth and so our PR service is reserved for educational clients who we work with regularly. Those that we know well and can be confident in representing as ethical and high-performing educational providers.


Open days, centennials, fun runs, fetes, garden parties, galas, workshops and forums – large and small, regular or one-off… our team love events!

Planning, fund-raising, promotion, staffing, licence application …whatever you need – specific expertise or just some extra pairs of hands – talk to the events team here at TrustEd.

The logistics of hosting an event can be quite demanding and of course a wide gamut of legislation comes into play depending on the nature of the event.

Our support can be provided by phone, documentation or in person
– do tell us how we can help you.

Thinking you could do with a hand?

We’ll come to you.